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sarah goetz is an artist striving to grow a language of development and spatial/temporal desires through sculptural installation, moving-image, and drawing/painting. She is particularly interested in the relationship between open spaces of potential and close (not closed) spaces of intimacy. After personal experiences with both agoraphobia and claustrophobia, sarah began to examine how physiological reactions to open & close space are connected to psychological reactions to freedom/overwhelm and safety/stagnation. Through a practice of observation of complex systems, and experimentation in form and philosophy, sarah explores narratives of development, definitions of “the good,” and prescriptions for growth of “a good life.” This questioning of the optimal pace and space of “good growth” is made through study of the physical/metaphysical relationships of open/close space in the structures/narratives of organisms and artistic materials. She hopes that such examination of both real and fictional systems will aid her in creating transformative experiences which will contribute to an increased understanding of how to live a “good life.” sarah believes that this will, in turn, positively shape the growth of our species in harmony with our planet, with other complex systems, within ourselves.
sarah received her undergraduate degree in making|thinking art from Duke University in 2011. Between 2011 & 2014, sarah had continued her evolution through paintings, drawings, moving images, and installations that have been seen at The Carrack Modern Art, the Elsewhere Museum, The ArtsCenter, The Durham Art Guild, Manbites Dog Theater, Mercury Studio, and The Visual Art Exchange. sarah also held a position as a multi-media consultant and researcher in the department of Art, Art History, & Visual Studies and the Visual & Interactive Systems group at Duke University.sarah is currently working on a Masters in Fine Arts at The Ohio State University in Columbus, OH.